Sweet and Sophisticated

 So I am not quite sure how but I managed to dress like Blair Waldorf somehow.  After seeing these pictures I noticed how much my outfit compared to hers in the show Gossip Girl.  Whoops!  I guess we all have an inner Blair somewhere within us.
I have been seeing plaid skirts and dresses EVERYWHERE lately.  Personally, I really love the little school girl skater dresses  with plaid and white collars but I don’t know if I would feel 100% confident, as it is out of my comfort zone, so I decided to take baby steps and purchase a skirt instead.  Most of the plaid skirts I have seen are a nice thick material which will work wonders for the colder months ahead.  Tights look adorable and add an extra flare as well.  One of the best parts is that I can dress this skirt up or make it more relaxed.
This time around I dressed the look up and the shirt is what screams Miss. Waldorf to me.  It has a ruffled collar and a tie that can be put into a bow, which is something I have seen many of the girls on the show sport.  It is sophisticated, classy, and goes with so much because it is the simple color of black.  I like to have blouses like this in my wardrobe because they can dress an outfit up in one fell swoop. Even with a pair of some ripped black jeans and booties this shirt is a beauty!

So if you want to rep the Upper East Sider look just add some curls and pearls to this outfit, along with some class and whole lot of sass! Xoxo…

Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Ballet Flats: New York and Company
Sunglasses: H&M
Watch: Armitron

Vintage Vibes

Sundays are great for lounging around with a bestseller and a nice cup of tea.  This is the one day of the week that is the calm before the storm.  I wake up every Sunday morning and look to my left where sunshine is pouring through my windows and think that tomorrow I will be getting up at the earliest hour in darkness for school.  If I do plan to go somewhere, a relaxed and comfortable outfit is always on the agenda.

As soon as I walked into Forever 21 I saw these shorts and scooped them up.  However, the whole time I was carrying them I kept debating whether I should buy them or not.  I ended up purchasing them without even trying them on and it was the best decision I had made all day.  They fit perfectly and are extremely soft.  Although while shopping I was not sure if I would keep the shorts I ended up buying a shirt to tuck into them anyway.  Creme and blue have always been two colors that are so pretty and delicate looking together.  When I got home I tried both pieces on and the look felt so simple yet so well put together.

It only takes some lace trim, high wasted shorts, and antique looking rings to create a very unique and vintage look.  This outfit is flowy and goes above and beyond comfort level.  Who wouldn't want to wear an outfit that is a fashion statement but also feels like pajamas?  This past Sunday I went to my favorite cafe for delicious blueberry pancakes with my friends, took a walk through the park, and got to visit some of my family.  Aside from trying not to spill syrup on my shirt, this outfit was so nice and convenient to throw on.

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Rings: Forever 21
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: H&M

Draw the Line with Your Shine

  With school starting soon I knew I had to find a fairy godmother of a product to bippity boppity boo my oily skin away.  I often complain that I hate having an oily face.  I see my friends with similar skin but never feel like they have it as bad as I do.  Although I am probably wrong about that, I still get very self conscious; even if my Mom does tell me that I should be thanking the oil because it prevents getting wrinkles early in life.  I guess there is a plus!

However, I still do not wish to have a shiny face so I recently went to Target on a hunt for a new pressed powder.  Previously I was using the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder and it did a pretty good job but I wanted to see if there was something even better. That is when I came across the Neutrogena Shine Control Powder.  It works wonders and guarantees what it states on the packaging.

It is a translucent, noncomedogenic powder for oily to combination skin types.  Built into the powder is a rice protein technology that acts as a sponge to eliminate excess oil.  Personally, this is the only type of face makeup I wear because foundations and other pressed powders easily irritate my skin.  Therefore, I often play it safe and only use a matte powder but for all you make up wearers, it has an amazing lightweight consistency that is great for layering over makeup.  
I have to say I am harsh makeup judger.  As soon as I bought this product I wanted to see just how good it was.  How did I test it out, you might ask?  I went with my friends to a nearby carnival on one of the most humid nights of the summer and did check ups while we ate, after we went on rides, before we watched fireworks, and of course when I got home . On the packaging it said that it worked for up to 8 hours so I took full advantage and put it on at 4pm and was out until 12am. Although my hair may have ended up looking like I got struck by lightening; my face remained matte and it did not feel like it had a layer of oil on it.  The Neutrogena Shine Control Powder definitely gets 2 thumbs up from me!